Fascia board replacement is a process that involves removing damaged or worn-out fascia boards from the exterior of a building and installing new ones in their place.
Fascia boards are horizontal boards that run along the edge of a roof, where the gutters are attached. They play an essential role in protecting your home from water damage by supporting the gutter system and helping to prevent water penetration into the roof and walls.

Fascia board replacement is an essential home maintenance task that helps protect your home from water damage and maintains its appearance.

Regularly inspect your fascia boards for signs of damage or wear, and take action to keep your home in top condition.

What to Expect from a Professional Fascia Board Replacement Services

Professional Fascia Board Replacement Gutter Seattle LLC

When you decide to replace your fascia boards with the help of the Gutter Seattle team, you can expect the following:

Inspection and assessment

First, expect an inspection of the existing fascia boards to determine the extent of damage and assess the need for replacement. The team will also identify any underlying issues, such as damaged gutters or roof leaks, that may have contributed to the damage.

Detailed quote

Our experts will provide a detailed quote for the fascia board replacement project. This will include the cost of materials, labour, aluminium, and any additional work that might be necessary, such as repairing damaged gutters or addressing roof leaks.

Material selection

A professional will help you choose the best material for your new fascia boards, considering durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal. Popular fascia board materials include wood, vinyl, aluminium, and composite materials.

Installation of new fascia boards

Gutter reattachment or replacement Gutter Seattle

Once the old boards have been removed, our professional team will install the new fascia boards, ensuring that they are properly aligned and securely fastened. This may involve cutting and fitting the boards, sealing seams, and installing flashing to prevent water intrusion.

Gutter reattachment or replacement

If your gutters were removed during the fascia board replacement process, the professional will reinstall them or, if necessary, replace them with new gutters that are properly sized and installed for optimal performance.

Cleanup and debris disposal

A professional will clean up the job site and dispose of the old fascia boards and any other debris generated during the replacement process.

Warranty and follow-up

Gutter Seattle company offers warranties on our workmanship and materials. We also provide follow-up services to ensure your satisfaction with the project and address any concerns or questions.

Hiring a professional for your fascia board replacement project ensures a thorough assessment, high-quality materials, expert installation, and a completed project that looks great and protects your home from potential water damage.

Our team is committed to providing excellent customer service and will work hard to ensure you receive the best possible service. Contact us today!