What is the purpose of gutters?

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There is hardly a person who needs to learn the purpose of gutters. Some need to know how important they are when they become the owner of a house or building and encounter damaged, defective and non-functioning gutters. 

A roof without a gutter is dangerous to the entire building. A roof with non-functioning proper gutters – also. Gutters must always be in perfect condition, have the correct pitch and be adequately fastened to the roof structure and building walls so that they cannot detach and endanger the life and health of people passing nearby.

Gutters have one essential purpose – they carry water away from the roof (whether it is pitched or flat). Gutters are a type of drainage system that prevents rainwater from running indiscriminately off all parts of the roof. Thanks to them, water is drained precisely where needed without endangering the walls and plasterwork of the building or the flooring around the house or public facility itself.

What types of gutters exist?

As everything in life changes, building materials are no exception. The difference in the shape, the way of connecting, and even the colours of gutters are found in the facades of more newly built or renovated buildings.

Modern and higher-quality guttering is becoming increasingly popular. Seamless gutters are installed using a unique fixing method. They have an architecturally sound trapezoidal shape, unlimited length of individual segments, and ensure perfect water drainage.

The seamless gutters are suitable for public, residential and industrial buildings. In addition to properly draining rain and snow water from the roof, they provide a much better aesthetic appearance to the entire building. Modern trapezoidal, seamless gutters are made of aluminium or copper sheet, with some models having a polyester colour coating.

What is unique about this type of gutter is the variety of colours, which allows the gutter system to blend in or contrast with the colour of the building, enhancing its overall appearance. In recent years, gutters have kept the roof in good condition and as an additional architectural solution that aims to make a building much more attractive.

What should the ideal roof drainage system have?

Gutters and downpipes need certain must-have qualities to serve well and last much longer. They must have the following:

  • Unlimited length of individual segments;

  • A strong and secure gutter-to-gutter skirt connection;

  • A reliable and aesthetically pleasing suspension system (preferably with internal, concealed brackets);

  • No spigots for unobstructed water drainage and minimum slope operation;

  • Quick and easy installation;

Why do gutters need to be replaced?

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Gutters, especially the older varieties, most often require replacement, necessitated by their depreciation, poor artistry, and the desire to improve the appearance of the building’s facade. Old, unsightly and non-functioning gutters threaten the foundations of the whole house or larger building, which should not be allowed. Rather than going to the expense of significant repairs to external walls or cladding and flooring, it is better to replace guttering in time.

Gutters are also often subject to replacement when a complete roof repair is carried out. When the whole appearance of the building is changed, the drainage system should align with the new construction – in terms of appearance and functionality. By choosing a modern, quality and long-lasting drainage system, you will be able to give yourself the peace of mind that nothing is compromising the integrity of your property.

Partial gutter replacement is possible when the facility is sound, and only a tiny section needs adjustments. Branches can damage the roof drainage system in high winds.

As mentioned, the complete replacement of gutters is necessary when they do not fulfil their function, or at least not entirely. Then the wholly obsolete and deprecated drainage system is removed. A completely new one is built, and in addition to the gutters, the downpipes are also replaced, along with the brackets that hold them to the wall.

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